The Ballad of Mary Magdalene

On a road trip through the Galilee in northern Israel, my friend and songwriting mentor Dar Williams and I recorded this beautiful song by Richard Shindell.


On brûlera

Love songs are darker and lovelier in French. My buddy Lindsey Massar and I recorded this impromptu cover of Pomme’s gorgeous song “On brûlera”:


You’ve Got A Friend

My songwriting family recorded James Taylor’s classic “You’ve Got A Friend” as a tribute to our fellow singer/songwriter Eniid (Carol) Goodman. For details of Carol’s healing journey from cancer, and to contribute to her crucial GoFundMe campaign, visit

And enjoy the cameos of some amazing songwriters!


Listen To The Music

Once upon a time, I sang a lot of a cappella pop music in college and grad school. Some pals of mine from the olden days who missed singing have put together an all-remote group, and they’re making music videos together from all over the world. I joined them for one of their early tunes: the Doobie Brothers “Listen To The Music.”

The Weepies in PDX

At every show I see, I write down a setlist.

The Weepies
Revolution Hall, Portland, OR
2015 06 05

Deb Talan, Steve Tannen, and a full band:

  1. Gotta Have You
  2. Hideaway
  3. Be My Thrill
  4. My Little Love
  5. Fancy Things
  6. Can’t Go Back Now
  7. Vegas, Baby
  8. Painting By Chagall
  9. Crooked Smile
  10. Sirens
  11. River from the Sky
  12. Brand New Pair of Wings
  13. Never Let You Down
  14. World Spins Madly On
  15. Same Changes
  16. Ever Said Goodbye
  17. Nobody Knows Me At All
  18. Volunteer
  19. No Trouble
  20. Be My Honeypie
  21. Just Blue
  22. Somebody Loved


  23. Early Morning Riser

2015 06 05 Weepies page 12015 06 05 Weepies page 22015 06 05 Weepies page 3

Richard Shindell + Lucy Kaplansky in PDX

At every show I see, I write down a setlist.

The Pine Hill Project: Richard Shindell + Lucy Kaplansky
Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland, OR
2015 05 14

  1. Making Plans (Voni Morrison and Johnny Russell)
  2. Wichita (Gillian Welch)
  3. Rain Just Falls (David Halley)
  4. Such Sweet Angels (Glenn Patscha)
  5. I Live On A Battlefield (Nick Lowe)
  6. Open Book (Elizabeth Ziman)
  7. Are You Happy Now? (RS)
  8. Reunion (LK)
  9. Transit (RS)
  10. The Next Best Western (RS)
  11. Manhattan Moon (LK)
  12. Ten Year Night (LK)
  13. Sweetest Thing (U2)
  14. Farewell To Saint Dolores (Dave Carter)
  15. I Know You Rider (Traditional)
  16. Lord, I Have Made You A Place In My Heart (Greg Brown)

With guitarist Marc Shulman.

RS+LK 2015 05 14 p1    RS+LK 2015 05 14 p2    RS+LK 2015 05 14 p3

Indigo Girls benefit show in NYC, May 9

New York: The Indigo Girls are playing a benefit show next Saturday night (May 9th) in New York City at Webster Hall. They will be performing a full 70 minute set of acoustic music in support of the Survivor Mitzvah Project. You can buy tickets online here.

The Survivor Mitzvah Project is an amazing organization: they do direct work with elderly Holocaust survivors in eastern Europe, providing both emergency aid (food, shelter, medicine) and an opportunity to share their stories and revisit the towns (peaceful and war-torn) of their childhood. As they say in their mission statement: “They are the last generation of Holocaust Survivors and we are the last generation who can help.” And in this case, you get to help by going to an Indigo Girls show. So that seems like a no-brainer!

The event, by the way, is at Webster Hall, one of the my favorite venues in NYC (up there in the mid-sized venue category alongside Town Hall, City Winery, Society for Ethical Culture). It’s been around since the early 1900s, was a pre-prohibition site for labor rallies and masquerade balls, became a speakeasy, and then a recording studio, and the reopened as an event space.

Clear your Saturday night and buy a ticket; it’ll be worth it!