About This Blog

I love going to see live music. It’s part of my lifeblood. Music—especially live music—is an integral part of my happiness, my sanity, and my creative process. I also really like lists, and planning things, and feeling organized. So: I keep close tabs on the tour schedules of my favorite artists and the calendars of my favorite venues. For many years, I’ve kept my own personal list (in a plaintext file, on my desktop…) of upcoming shows to see. I started this blog as an efficient means of inviting friends to go see shows with me. That, and I really do like lists.

Upcoming concerts:
* I mostly keep tabs on shows in NYC, Boston, SF, and Cascadia.
* You should always check details: the list is definitely prone to error.
* I’ll be going to most of the shows on this list, but sometimes I’ll include a show I can’t attend just because I want to suggest it to my friends.
* Bold = a very high level of excitement/enthusiasm/anticipation.

At every show I see, I write down a setlist. I’ve been doing this since 2002, but the transition to digital duplication is a recent experiment. If you have show photos, send me email and I’ll be happy to add them to the blog posts.

…are just that.  I occasionally moonlight as a staff writer for the Contemporary A Cappella Society (http://www.casa.org/), so I’ll cross-post CASA articles.

If you simply want to hear all of my music-related thoughts as I think them, then follow @neatlynoted on Twitter.

Enjoy the music!


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