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Richard Shindell + Lucy Kaplansky in PDX

At every show I see, I write down a setlist.

The Pine Hill Project: Richard Shindell + Lucy Kaplansky
Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland, OR
2015 05 14

  1. Making Plans (Voni Morrison and Johnny Russell)
  2. Wichita (Gillian Welch)
  3. Rain Just Falls (David Halley)
  4. Such Sweet Angels (Glenn Patscha)
  5. I Live On A Battlefield (Nick Lowe)
  6. Open Book (Elizabeth Ziman)
  7. Are You Happy Now? (RS)
  8. Reunion (LK)
  9. Transit (RS)
  10. The Next Best Western (RS)
  11. Manhattan Moon (LK)
  12. Ten Year Night (LK)
  13. Sweetest Thing (U2)
  14. Farewell To Saint Dolores (Dave Carter)
  15. I Know You Rider (Traditional)
  16. Lord, I Have Made You A Place In My Heart (Greg Brown)

With guitarist Marc Shulman.

RS+LK 2015 05 14 p1    RS+LK 2015 05 14 p2    RS+LK 2015 05 14 p3


Dar Williams in PDX

At every show I see, I write down a setlist.

Dar Williams
Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland, OR
2014 06 08

Opener: Anne Weiss

Band: Bryn Roberts (keyboards)

  1. Mercy of the Fallen
  2. When I Was A Boy
  3. Alleluia
  4. The Great Unknown
  5. When Sal’s Burned Down
  6. The Babysitter’s Here
  7. You’re Aging Well
  8. Traveling Again
  9. In Love But Not At Peace
  10. Mark Rothko Song
  11. This Is Not The House That Pain Built
  12. I Love, I Love (Traveling II)
  13. As Cool As I Am
  14. Iowa (with friends on stage!)
  15. Storm King

Ani DiFranco in PDX

At every show I see, I write down a setlist.

Ani DiFranco at the Alladin Theater, 2014 02 19

Ani DiFranco

Alladin Theater, Portland, OR

2014 02 19

Opener: Jenny Scheinman

Band: Todd Sickafoose (bass) & Terrence Higgins (drums)

  1. Buildings and Bridges
  2. 32 Flavors   (“You can get your sing on right away if you want.” -AD)
  3. J   (“Speaking of happiness and keeping it together, he’s a song about doom. Really, a song about `How about we just change everything?’ …I still think it’s possible.” –AD)
  4. Marrow
  5. Present/Infant
  6. Careless Words (NEW)
  7. Grey
  8. As Is
  9. Napoleon
  10. Genie (NEW)
  11. Harder Than It Needs To Be (NEW)  (“Here’s a song I’ve written in my new career as a country singer.” -AD)
  12. Swan Dive
  13. Allergic (NEW)
  14. Untouchable Face
  15. Everest   (“Here’s a little song about being out of context. Gloriously out of context.” -AD)
  16. GravelEncores (with Jenny Scheinman):
  17. Little Plastic Castle
  18. Joyful Girl