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Dar Williams in PDX

At every show I see, I write down a setlist.

Dar Williams
Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland, OR
2014 06 08

Opener: Anne Weiss

Band: Bryn Roberts (keyboards)

  1. Mercy of the Fallen
  2. When I Was A Boy
  3. Alleluia
  4. The Great Unknown
  5. When Sal’s Burned Down
  6. The Babysitter’s Here
  7. You’re Aging Well
  8. Traveling Again
  9. In Love But Not At Peace
  10. Mark Rothko Song
  11. This Is Not The House That Pain Built
  12. I Love, I Love (Traveling II)
  13. As Cool As I Am
  14. Iowa (with friends on stage!)
  15. Storm King

Dar Williams 20th Anniversary of The Honest Room

City Winery, NYC