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Ani DiFranco in PDX

At every show I see, I write down a setlist.

Ani DiFranco at the Alladin Theater, 2014 02 19

Ani DiFranco

Alladin Theater, Portland, OR

2014 02 19

Opener: Jenny Scheinman

Band: Todd Sickafoose (bass) & Terrence Higgins (drums)

  1. Buildings and Bridges
  2. 32 Flavors   (“You can get your sing on right away if you want.” -AD)
  3. J   (“Speaking of happiness and keeping it together, he’s a song about doom. Really, a song about `How about we just change everything?’ …I still think it’s possible.” –AD)
  4. Marrow
  5. Present/Infant
  6. Careless Words (NEW)
  7. Grey
  8. As Is
  9. Napoleon
  10. Genie (NEW)
  11. Harder Than It Needs To Be (NEW)  (“Here’s a song I’ve written in my new career as a country singer.” -AD)
  12. Swan Dive
  13. Allergic (NEW)
  14. Untouchable Face
  15. Everest   (“Here’s a little song about being out of context. Gloriously out of context.” -AD)
  16. GravelEncores (with Jenny Scheinman):
  17. Little Plastic Castle
  18. Joyful Girl